If you need a fabulous and unforgettably beautiful wedding party, organized from A to Z – you are in the right place. That is exactly what wedding agency KAZKOVO does.

Lisa Zaitseva, chief wedding planner at KAZKOVO agency

Hello, happy bride!

My name is Lisa and I am the CEO and chief wedding planner at KAZKOVO wedding agency. Now I am going to tell you what it takes to organize a wedding party, unravel some mysteries of our backstage and provide you with some useful tips.

— I just want to have a quick look at how much it costs


Usually, they are brides, who:

In almost all popular Ukrainian wedding magazines you are sure to find a wedding project from KAZKOVO. Our weddings are fabulous and distinctive and magazines are usually happy to demonstrate them in their pages as style role-models.

And my wedding agency has something to offer! All our wedding are exceptional and beautiful, they are proud of and looked upon as examples of exquisite style. And we give the credit for it not only to our professional team, but also to those special little secrets no one else has.

Reveal/hide wedding secrets from KAZKOVO

 Well, that’s enough with the fine words – I guess it is time for you to look at us in effect. Besides, there are things where only seeing is believing – and wedding organization is one of them. So, I am proud to present you some of our latest weddings:

Italian Classic Wedding for a Princess

Julia is a tender romantic flower, a true Ukrainian beauty. Dario is a hot-blood handsome Italian, whose passionate gaze is impossible to forget.

No wonder that this wedding was a real challenge for us – our job was to be evaluated by sophisticated Italian connoisseurs, whose compatriots have always been world trendsetters in fashion and beauty industry.  

Julia wanted to feel herself a bride from a romantic happy-end movie, and in 6 month we made her dream about classic wedding come true.

— 6 month for a wedding organization – is it long time or short time?

So, the fairy-tale began when the bride and the groom met each other at the wedding ceremony. Yes, both the groom and the guests saw the bride in a magnificent Princess-like dress for the first time already at the ceremony. We believe this fairy-tale will last for their whole happy life!

For a wedding ceremony we found one of the most romantic places in Kyiv – a picturesque garden, closed for the admittance for more than 50 years. Through all of these years there were only 2 exceptions: The Royal Gardeners Delegation of Her Majesty Queen of England and us.

— -Wow! Can I have the address?

According to our plot, the whole day had to be full of romance. The exquisite atmosphere was created by the live duet of musical instruments – a cello and a violin, playing classical minuets during the whole ceremony. 

Tears of joy streamed down everyone’s faces when Julia and Dario exchanged their love letters, written in the morning of the wedding day. Pure love ruled that day!

We chose the garden and restaurant Prague as a photoset location. The banquet room was decorated with floral compositions: roses, tulips and clouds of snow-white gypsophila were arranged according to classical canons by our professional florists and decorators.

The one-day fairy-tale was created in reality and the guests from two different countries were delighted! No one could imagine a wedding party like that. But Julian and Dario were the ones who were most of all beaming with joy – the brilliant start of the new life together they had!  

— «Splendido! Meraviglioso! Unico! Lussuoso! Bello! Bravo!» — exclaimed the guests


Vika and Roma are a happy young and successful couple. They asked to keep their faces and the personalities of their guests in secret.

— And how do you keep secrets?

When someone hears about Ukrainian wedding the first impression he gets is a bunch of hackneyed stereotype clichés like godparents, lard, gorilka, vareniki and so on. But you shouldn't, because we managed to organize and hold a beautiful and incredibly stylish Ukrainian wedding.

The venue was a country complex, which was turned into aristocratic Ukrainian manor by skilful hands of our decorators.

The interesting fact is that at the heart of the whole style of the wedding there was the bride's dress from designer Roksolana Bogutskaya. Ukrainian embroidery on the dress is not just an ornament - it was cut from authentic old vyshyvankas, which the designer collected throughout the whole western Ukraine. The dress carries the history of many families, and is the amulet for the bride, and her young family.

In that same style the artist painted all the wedding attributes and paraphernalia. The same tone and mood was supported by the decorators.

A huge amount of work was done to decorate both the ceremony venue and the restaurant. Wildflowers and decor elements were being carefully collected and assorted by the hands of our skillful florists in the wild fields throughout the region during the whole month prior to the wedding. It took more than a kilometer of color ribbons in total to decorate the wedding!

— How many ribbons did you use?

The wedding turned out to be not only beautiful, but also merry and fun! Perhaps the most demanding person at the wedding - the groom's dad did personally praise our work! No wonder! The show program of genuine ethno-band, the keeper of our history, amazed the guests - it was interesting to everyone, young and old!

— How is it possible to make a holiday interesting for young and old at the same time?

But I was particularly pleased to read the newlyweds' response:

«Thanks to Lisa, everything turned out to be even better than we expected - refined and adhering to Ukrainian traditions. Lisa has a special feeling of beauty, as well as a prominent talent for team selection. Lisa, thank you for the wonderful wedding, for your help in solving a lot of big and small issues, for understanding and support!»

— Roman and Vika

Not only did we organize the most stylish Ukrainian wedding! There was also a real bachelorette party with wreath weaving, a special pre-wedding love story photosession with a "lad on a white steed", a rite of family uniting and much more, but I'll show and tell you the rest in detains only in person, when we meet face to fave.

A few more of our weddings:



First step – Getting to know each other with KAZKOVO

Of course, everything starts from getting acquainted with the agency. I meet each couple personally and coordinate the whole process of wedding planning and organization myself.

This meeting doesn’t commit you to anything – we will just meet each other. I will tell you a little bit more about what your wedding can be, and you will confide your dreams and desires about this special day to me.

For our second meeting we will draw a few ideas and style concepts for your wedding, along with the draft budget. It is due to our original concepts that our weddings look not only exceptionally beautiful but also perfectly stylish.

— And who usually creates the concept for a wedding?


As a rule, there is limited amount of money you and your fiancé are ready to spend on your wedding. I will tell you what we can do with this budget and offer different options of getting what you want.

If you are interested what is the average cost of a wedding party – I can tell you, it is not more expensive than you and you fiancé can afford. However, there is a limit: spending less will hardly make a good wedding party possible. As a rule, it is 15.000 dollars for 50 guests (this is including the cost of your wedding dress, restaurant menu and the agency’s fee). Fewer guests – less expenses, more guests – more expenses, but the proportion remains.

— How much does a wedding agency charge out of this amount?

In any case, the figures are rough: we can calculate the exact budget only after personal meeting.


According to the brides wish, I can accompany her during her trying-ons, or at least will be glad to recommend some decent wedding salons.

The choice of a wedding dress is perhaps one of the most exciting and responsible steps of the whole preparation process. A proficient eye of an experienced professional is what you need to make a flawless decision.

— What does a wedding planner actually do in a wedding salon?

Once we had a bride with whom we went to literally all the wedding salons in Kiev and nothing fitted her. And finally we brought her the dress from another part of the world – it travelled overseas more than 7.000 kilometers! There is nothing we can’t do for you to look best!


Usually, a wedding ceremony and banquet take place at two different locations. You can make you marriage vows in a green garden, at the seaside listening to the noise of waves breaking at the shore, at the wild forest edge or even in mysterious caves… The banquet normally takes place in a restaurant or outdoors, using catering services.

It is a complicated task – to find a place that would perfectly match the wedding concept and idea. There are no so many just good places, but it is even fewer good places that match the style of your wedding. And when it comes to people who are able to make the necessary arrangements and on reasonable terms – there is even fewer of them.

— Where can I have my wedding ceremony?


It is them who create “the pretty picture” with their own hands – arranging and decorating locations for the ceremony and banquet. They also need to be properly managed. It is the primary task of a wedding agency to make sure, that different groups of people with one try, with no rehearsals do the right thing the way it was planned.


They say that after the wedding all that is left is husband and photos. I completely agree with this and pay special attention to the choice of wedding photographers and videographers.

The task of a wedding planner is to select those professionals, who work in the suitable style and manner, who will be easy to deal with and who will be available at Your Day (we work only with top photographers, and their time is usually scheduled 6 months ahead!).


First thing to remember is that a professional MC is not a toastmaster. He is not supposed to conduct stupid and vulgar party games or shout out “Now kiss!” every 5 minutes. However, an MC is a person you and your guests will have to listen to the whole evening and he has to set the appropriate mood.

Making a proper choice of a professional master of ceremonies and composing a bright wedding-show scenario is a big responsibility for experienced team, and we are ready to take it.

— What kind of show can KAZKOVO agency offer me?

Meanwhile, we are managing 25 other professionals…

— 25 people working at my wedding?!

Day-of-wedding coordination

On the Happiest Day of Your Life you don’t have to bother yourself with anything! No worries how to take, bring, check, call, arrange or book anything – that is what day-of-wedding coordinators are for.

You job is to smile and enjoy your Holiday – everything else is ours.


Your turnkey wedding costs only 10% from wedding budget, excluding the cost of a wedding dress, suit and other personal accessories. This is the price of you and your groom being free from all organizational issues and problems. And this is how much your guarantee of high-level wedding costs.

Moreover, KAZKOVO benefits from exclusive prices from photographers, florists, decorators and many restaurants; besides, they can often offer a 10-15% discount for our couples: this means that you are likely to squeeze into even smaller budget, then organizing the celebration on your own.

I often hear from guests that they have never seen a better wedding – this is what makes as strong and confident enough to surpass ourselves each time!

Your wedding must be with KAZKOVO.



Are you ready for the marvelous wedding party? Then it’s high time to meet us! I will be glad to meet you at our office or any other nice place, convenient for you (by the way, you can take your fiancé along – though it’s just us girls more often).

Call to our office or cell phone – and we’ll arrange a meeting.
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